Howard University Multicultural Media Academy in partnership with the Dow Jones News Fund

Class of 2019

Ijeome Okere

Ijeoma Okere, a 15-year-old rising tenth grader with a 4.38 GPA attending Archbishop Carroll High School. She is an intelligent, outgoing person who plans on using the Dow Jones News Fund Media Program to help expand and perfect her craft of health journalism. Ijeoma strives to bring awareness to the community and others through her journalism and modeling skills. Besides her interest in journalism, she hopes to be a gastroenterologist, a doctor in the digestive profession. In Ijeoma’s free time she enjoys modeling and playing basketball. She has been in the modeling profession for 8 months and playing basketball for 3 years in and outside of school. She plans to continue modeling throughout life and continue basketball throughout high school. In the future, she would like to attend Bennett College or Brown University due to their overall reputation. Ijeoma is a well-rounded student-athlete with a bright future ahead of her. In order to view her article feel free to look here

Krystian Williams-Odom

As a 13 year old, black girl who grew up in the Petworth area of DC, it is crucial for Ms. Krystian Williams-Odom to focus on her academics. However, as a middle child, she has to help out at home with her younger siblings. Besides that, in her free time, Krystian goes shopping with her friends to places like Wheaton and PG mall because, “the world is a crazy place now and days, [and you should] treasure the moments you have with them”. She sporadically finds herself leaning towards her trusty pen and pad where she confides her deepest thoughts and feelings. Where she expresses herself in ways in which she can not exhibit verbally. Where all thoughts flow out of her and her creative writing ability may flourish. Where she may find a safety net to her individual problems. Where her idiosyncrecies may transpire. And in Archbishop Carroll, after leaving her middle school, Annunciation, she has the desire to join a course on journalism, a subject she believes will help her in her aspirations of becoming a lawyer. A subject that will teach her people skills. A subject that will allow her to effortlessly form a judgement. Soon, earlier life choices and habits will aid her future life goals. You can check out her article here

Cayla Cade

Cayla Cade

Cayla Cade attends 2019’s Howard University’s Multicultural Media Academy a Dow Jones News Fund High School Workshop. She joined the workshop because she wants to receive more experience in the journalism field. She will be joining the class of 2023 at George Mason University. Her major will be in Communications with a double concentration in journalism and public relations. In high school, she was managing and lifestyle page editor of her school’s newspaper. She was a host of WMAC, a podcasting/broadcasting club. And she was also vice president of Hip Hop club. Cade was apart of the National English Honor Society as well. On her free time, she enjoys dancing, longboarding, writing, reading, and playing with her three dogs. In her future, she wants to either write for a magazine or become a news anchor. And eventually become an event planner or social media manager. You can check out her article here

Wyatt Herris

Eleventh grader Wyatt Harris doesn’t have the normal, everyday routine of an average high school student. He is homeschooled, and in place of school, he attends a program called the Cheverly STEM program, made for other homeschooled kids from across the board to continue being homeschooled, while still being able to learn in a school-like environment. Like many teenage boys, Wyatt spends some of his free time gaming with friends, and began reading gaming news, mainly news from Gamespot and IGN, and a Youtuber by the name of YongYea. This ignited his interest in broadcast journalism, as it makes him feel like he’s “having a conversation” with the journalist behind the screen. A self proclaimed “gun nerd”, Wyatt began his interest in war and artillery at a young age, learning about World War II and the Cold War in his studies, he started reading up about different types of guns. This also sparked his interest in gunshot wounds, and how different kinds of guns were shown in the media. This led him to the Howard University High School Multicultural Media Academy, focusing on how journalism interacts with health, it was right up his alley. For the past two weeks, Wyatt has been working on the “Anti-Vax” Issue, you can feel free to view it

Madeleine Voth

Madeleine Voth, a rising junior, attends Duke Ellington School of the Arts, where she studies film and writing in the Literary Media and Communications Department. She lives in Northwest D.C., plays the cello and likes to study Greek language as a tribute to her Greek roots. Madeleine has a twin brother and a younger sister. She has participated in several extracurricular programs involving film and writing, including being secondary head of her high school newspaper, helping out at a children’s festival in Croatia, and this year, HUMMA. Madeleine loves traveling, and aspires to be a journalist when she gets older. You can check out her article here

Aaron Sheilds

Mr.Aaron Shields is a 17 year old from Potomac, Maryland who sets high expectations for himself and enjoys helping those surrounding him. While interested in Physical Science, Shields has aspirations of being an owner of his own small business.Academically speaking, Aaron is a rising senior with a weighted GPA of 4.7 He also has a passion for baseball, he plays shortstop for his school team, Winston Churchill High School. Aaaron is interested in attending either Harvard University, Princeton University, or Stanford University. “Live mas” originated from the Taco Bell fast food company is one thing he lives by, “meaning basically live more” as he interprets it. As far as extracurricular activities, Aaron runs track for his high school track team, competing in the 400m dash. Whether on the field or in school. he always finds ways to better himself as a person. You can check out his article here

Maven Mcgann

Jordanne Semper-Secott

Jordanne Semper-Secott is a 16-year-old rising junior that lives in Bladensburg Maryland. One of the many things she likes to do is play the violin and has won several accolades for doing so. She’s also a very voracious reader, loving both fiction and nonfiction novels. She is not sure where she’d like to go to college but her ideal school has to revolve around music and/or English. Her Birthday is on 9th of September making her a Virgo. Virgos are known for being practical, systematic, and logical and after spending 2 weeks with Jordanne, I can conclude that she in fact fits the descriptions. you can check out her article here

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